Lelaki tunjuk bukti Syed Saddiq menipu dalam acara larian

Semalam kecoh di media sosial apabila Ahli Parlimen Muar Syed Saddiq dikatakan menipu dalam acara larian. Lelaki yang bernama Joshua izham menulis di ruangan komen instagram MP Muar itu seperti ini:-

Why are you being so proud? I was in the same race and I realized you were behind me during the swim.

And you never took over me on the bike, yet when on the run you already in front of me. How’s that possible? Obviously you completed the bike with only 2 loops 60km and not completing entire 3 loops of 90km.

Your IRONMAN Desaru merely two months ago with the same bike course, you had done it in 3hrs 31 mins. How could you’ve done it in 2hrs 37 mins last weekend? The fastest rider from Spain did in 2hrs 31 mins. Are you really that fast?

Not only that, you have taken away the podium position 3rd place meant for the real person who deserved it, the person that did not cheated who worked very hard to finish the race honestly.

I have always respected you as a politician that might change our country landscape with honest and high in integrity, and now I truly know what you are made of with my own eyes no need others to tell.

If this you had to manipulate, what else you have might done the same. The 200km muar to parliament, was it really deal? Your graft charges, are you really innocent?

Apa-apa pun kita tunggu balasan dari Syed Saddiq.

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